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through the ministry of Emmaus Bible School in the city of our Lord Jesus – Nazareth
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Emmaus News from Nazareth June 2015

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Dear Friends in Christ

What would you do if someone comes to you to ask for help? In the Book of Acts when Paul had a dream of a man saying «Come over to Macedonia and help us» (Acts 16:9).Paul changed his plans, but not his mission, as he realized it was the Holy Spirit sending him in a different direction from where he was heading. This is exactly what happened to us over the last few months with the requests for more courses from surrounding countries. Of course we see it is the Lord opening these doors of opportunity to reach people who are hungry for His Word.

Ministry in surrounding countries

In April Brother Ibr. visited Eg. with the aim to meet those who are keen to start distributing and correcting the courses and using them to plant new churches.… Read more