About us

Our vision

Is to reach all Arabic speaking communities around the world with the Word of God, and to see a Christian fellowship in every Arab town and village in Israel and the Palestinian areas.

Our mission

Is to serve God by means of spreading the Christian message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ in order to bring souls to God and to encourage them to be members of local Christian churches, who share the same belief in God and Jesus Christ and the Christian message according to the New Testament.

Emmaus Bible Ministry has a Board consisting of 8 people. Mr. George Khalil (Chairman of the board), Dr. Eden Murad (MD), Mr. Spiro Jahshan, Herkal Endrawos,  Azar Ajaj, Leonora Grandia, Maarten Dakker, Shawel Kamhawi. We are from a wide range of evangelical churches. The general Board meets once a year, the executive committees meet more frequently. 
We also have an outside auditor (Bishara Haiek) who does all the auditing and submits to us an annual financial report and recommendation.


The Emmaus Bible Ministry is owned by the Board and is part of the international Emmaus organisation.

Non profit

Emmaus Bible Ministry is registered as a (Amuta) Charity, non profit organization, and is supported by the Generosity of Christians. Every Course is subsidized and in this way Emmaus is able to provide sound Bible teaching at no cost to ALL wishing to study. The official registration number is 580051167.