Our goal is to plant churches, provide quality Bible study,
Christian literature and Bibles Arabic.

EMMAUS is a Bible Correspondence School by mail and online, non-denominational in outreach and founded for the purpose of encouraging the systematic study of the Word of God. It operates in 95 countries on every continent using courses in 125 languages.

EMMAUS website has a free download of the Bible, several Christian books, Christian music, a daily devotional articles about current topics, a corner for children and youth and the possibility to ask questions which are answered by the staff of Emmaus. In this way the Word is being brought to the Arab world.

Bible courses in Arabic

EMMAUS students are found in all age groups and at every stage of spiritual maturity. Students may choose their own study courses from the wide selection that is available.

EMMAUS courses may be studied in three ways:

  1. Individually, the papers being marked by tutors;
  2. Local church and home groups under a competent leader who is responsible for marking and liaison with the School (group study);
  3. Online through the website courses can be downloaded but also studied and exams submitted online. Letters and questions can be sent through email online.

EMMAUS Main aim of the courses is to promote the diligent study of the Word of God. This will lead to a deeper spiritual maturity therefore better equipping the student for wider service for the Lord. Certificates are awarded on the satisfactory completion of the examinations attached to each course.

Distribution of Bibles throughout the country

EMMAUS distributes Bibles in several languages (including Arabic, Hebrew and English) and Christian literature throughout the country.

Outreach in Nazareth

EMMAUS reaches out to the local people of Nazareth with the Word of God, by means of Children’s day Club and youth meetings. During these days and meetings, there is also sometimes contact with the parents.

We have occasional outreach teams from overseas to distribute literature and encourage the local believers.

We aim to make a closer contact with the local community by providing extra tutoring for school children and adults in English and other subjects that are in demand.