September 2018 News from Emmaus Nazareth

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Dear Friends of Emmaus

Political events in the Middle East have opened the door of opportunity for spreading the gospel through many different methods such as the printed Word, Bible courses, websites, radio, video, social media and TV. This doesn’t mean that opposition and persecution has diminished, on the contrary, it has increased. However those who are serving Christ from their hearts, are being instrumental in bringing the gospel and discipleship materials to the unreached and to believers to help them in their spiritual growth. We are so glad to be a part of this through the Emmaus ministry.

“…making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” Ephesians 5:16.


This month 21,000 courses will be shipped from the press in Northern Ireland to Egypt, (from where they will be sent to Jordan, S.Sudan and to Nazareth,) and to Lebanon (from where they awill be sent to Iraq and Syria). Please pray for them all to arrive safely and cleared from customs without problems. We are working on the revision of ten more courses which Revivalmovement Press have also offered to print for us. The demand for more courses is constantly increasing which means plenty of work for our office in Nazareth.

– At last some hopeful news that the compensation court case will soon be finished. The judge has ruled that no more court sessions will be necessary and that after each side has submitted their summary of the case to him over the next two months, he will give a verdict of the amount of compensation to be paid to Emmaus. Please pray for the verdict to be given before the end of the year and that we will be able to procure the compensation money easily from them.

– We held a smaller Children’s Club – 2 hours a day for five days in August and despite many families being away on holiday, we had a good number. We are continuing by holding a club every Friday afternoon. Pray for the preparations for each week and good attendance.

– The website and app. are attracting many visitors especially from North Africa, with sometimes over 1,000 unique hits a day. Pray for many to study the courses and come to faith in Chrsit.

– The plans for the new building renovations are still under inspection for permits. Pray that these would be given soon and for funds to be able to start the work as soon as possible.

– Last week a tragedy occurred in a village near Nazareth. The only son (aged 24) of believers was brutally murdered by an angry mob of young fundamentalists. It has shocked the whole community here. The response would normally be anger and a cry for revenge but the father of the young man, Michel, despite his agonizing grief, has publically declared forgiveness and witnessed about Christ’s act of reconciliation for us all. His speech has been publicized in all the media and has made an incredible impression. Pray for the Lord to be glorified through this and for comfort for the grieving family.


The main assembly is now running six large Bible study groups. Most of the attendees are refugees. Pray for them to come to know the Lord and to find a larger meeting place. They have been able to rent a new place for the new assembly in another area of Amman. The Lord opened a door to distribute 400 courses to an Assyrian Orthodox church including books on salvation. Another distribution centre for courses has opened in Karak in the South (Moab region). Pray for the Lord to reach hungry hearts through His Word.


Our co-ordinator in Jordan visited Upper Egypt in August and saw great blessing there. He took many training sessions on how to run discipleship and home Bible study groups and explained how to use the Emmaus courses. He also spoke in a conference on discipleship and church growth. About 90 people, mostly in their 20’s and 30’s, attended from different churches. Some of them have already started up home Bible study groups since the conference. Egypt is a huge country. Pray for more such conferences to take place to strenghten the churches.

An Egyptian Baptist pastor happened to attend the graduation ceremony of 60 Emmaus students in Amman last April (see June Newsletter) and was so impressed with it, that he spoke with Hany, our Egypt Co-ordinator. The pastor is the chairman of the Baptist Church Synod in Cairo and invited Hany to present the courses at a pastors meeting. Four of them took courses and are starting to use them. They will need more training in how to use the courses in small groups. Pray for them.Despite having a full time secular job, Hany is serving the Lord from his heart, correcting courses, making personal visits, taking courses to display in churches and conferences. He is excited about the opportunity to use a good space in his home assembly to have a small bookshop and display. There are different activities held in the church every day it is a great opportunity to expose them to the Emmaus courses. The need for a bigger storage and office continues. Please pray that the Lord will provide.


Karim is planning to visit some contacts in Syria who want to use the Emmaus courses. Pray that Lord would raise up a faithful person to lead the work there.
Iraq, The shipment of 2,300 books arrived safely and five churches are starting to use the courses. Brother Karim visited there in June and said there was great enthusiasm to start using them.

George and Ros had a busy but blessed three weeks in June/July at the Emmaus Global Strategy conference in Germany followed by two weeks of ministry in various assemblies in southern UK. We will be in the Mid West USA taking meetings from Sept 20th – Oct. 12th, together with our co-ordinator from Jordan. Pray for safety in travel and that we may encourage the believers we meet with.

We praise the Lord for so much encouraging news but please pray earnestly for the needs and people mentioned here. The Middle East is not an easy place to work and believers are under constant pressure from the other religions, conflict and politics. As prayer partners, you are providing a vital role in God’s work here.

«Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you» (2 Thessalonians 3:1)


Gabby the Baker: “Every time I read the study books, I find something amazing and write it down to memorize and post on social media. I have more than 100 followers of my group. The courses are the greatest gift to me after salvation! When I apply all this great teaching, it is lifechanging and I want to share these truths with my family and friends”

Karim is doing personal discipleship studies with

Edward, who was recently saved from a deeply sinful life. He says that studying“Lessons in Christian Living” has changed his life radically and he is a strong testimony to his family. Karim has begun a group study of Survey in Basic Christianity in Edward’s home and there is great interest.

Christine, thought she was a believer but after reading about the New Birth in the courses, realized that she wasn’t. She has now accepted Christ and is excited about all she is learning about the Lord.

Mazen, became interested in the gospel through evangelistic TV programs and Karim is now doing a personal study with him. He is amazed at the truths he is learning. Pray for his salvation.

Blessings and peace in Christ

George & Ros Khalil and all the M.E workers

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