March Emmaus News update

Quarterly News update March 2017 In PDF format

Dear Praying Friends,

I was reflecting recently on how dramatically methods of “mission” work, or bringing the gospel to unreached peoples, has changed. The colonial days of the Christian western countries sending missionaries to evangelize the “pagan” world ended long ago, as most countries are now independent and have their own laws and visa regulations for foreigners. This is especially true in the Middle East where many believers are persecuted. However we now see the local believers in these countries burdened to reach their own people with the gospel through literature distribution, social media and other means with the cooperation of international believers. This cooperation from overseas includes prayer and financial support and the sending of short-term volunteers to help and encourage the local church. Bearing this in mind, we are so encouraged to see how your support in these ways has enabled the Emmaus work in the Middle East to expand over the past two years to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, South Sudan and Morocco. We thank God for burdening your hearts to pray and support this work. Pray for the Lord of the harvest to raise up more local labourers to start up the Emmaus courses in more Arabic speaking countries.


We received the copies of the new edition of Pilgrim’s Progress, which we had printed in Jordan in February. We had been working on it for some time and
The Gospel Of Matthew coversiyahat al masihi

were delighted to see the final product of John Bunyan’s famous classic book, as it had been out of print for some time. Copies have already reached Lebanon and Egypt. Thank the Lord for His provision of funds to do this project and for The Holy War, which we will also print very soon. We have four more Bible courses for Series 3 almost ready for printing and 3 more to work on, to complete this series, which is for more advanced study.

We then need to update and reprint several from Series 2, and so the work seems never-ending but when we see the blessing of these courses reaching people in areas where we in Nazareth cannot personally travel to, we are joyfully motivated to keep pressing on.

Jordan and neighbouring countries

We have had encouraging news from Ibr. in Jordan that their assembly is growing with more people coming to faith through the evangelistic Bible study and the new believers are growing through the next level Bible study group. Some of them will be baptized next month. Three new evangelistic home group studies have started up with a total of 13 couples attending in all of them so far. Brother Rami will return from the US in June and then Hazem will go back to the West Bank where he hopes to begin an evangelistic home group, now that he has been trained by Ibr. The Lord has enabled Ibr. to work full-time for Him and so he now has more time to devote to the church and promoting the courses as well as helping with the proof reading. In Amman, three local churches are holding book tables displaying the Emmaus courses every week, and two more churches are asking for them. Also Ibr. is hoping to visit Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt during this year. We are applying for a visa for Ibr. and his wife to visit us here in the Holy Land next month. Please pray this would be granted without any problem.

In Egypt, Hany reports that the children’s courses are going exceptionally well both in the capital and in the other regions and centers.

Outreach Teams

The team that had planned to come from the States did not materialize but we trust the Lord will bring a team in His time. Meanwhile we are now planning to do one day of outreach distribution locally once a month and encourage others to join us.

Children’s Camps

As our attendance numbers were down in the summer camp, we thought this might happen again for the two-day Christmas camp. However we were happily surprised that we had over 50 children come, even though we were short staffed with helpers (some were quite sick but still came to help), it went very well. We changed the format a little in that we used some of the activity time to train the children to make a small performance at the end of the second day with drama – a miming play, puppets and music, which included an “orchestra” of the kids who played instruments and a small choir. With limited time to practice, the kids did amazingly well and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, and a good number of parents came to see the performance.

We are planning for another two-day camp on April 20 & 21st. Please pray for the preparations, for plenty of helpers and a good attendance and most of all, for children to be saved.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.56.02 PMThe Music activity in the camp

We ask you to pray for our staff. Our accounting secretary is expecting a baby in late May and so will be on maternity leave for 3 months. Please pray for the Yasmin who to cover her work during her absence especially during the summer, as she is heavily involved in the preparations for the summer camp.

Finally I want to pay tribute to one of our greatest prayer-warriors, my mother, who passed into the Lord’s presence on January 21st at the age of 97. She was a great example of faithfulness and prayerfulness despite a tough early life and some hard persecution when she first came to faith. We miss her greatly but know she is in a much better place with the Lord she loved so well.

ٍGeorge & Ros

George & Ros Khalil,

on behalf of all the Emmaus teams in Nazareth, Jor. Egy. Leb. Iraq and Morocco.


Prayer points:

  • pray for our work on preparations for printing some new books of Series 3 courses and printing of The Holy War.
  • pray for the the new Emmaus centers in Lebanon, South Sudan and Morocco.
  • Pray for the Easter Children’s camp
  • pray for the monthly outreach by our staff
  • Pray for the covering for our accounts secretary
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