March 2019 Update from Emmaus Nazareth

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Dear Praying Friends

In the modern world we can get so caught up with the need to produce numbers and results to measure our “success” in ministry. But God sees our service in a completely different way. In Luke 10:38-42 we remember His gentle rebuke to Martha – much as He appreciated her dedicated ministry of hospitality and her apparent busyness in service, Jesus commended Mary as she just “sat at His feet” in wonder, worship and listening to Him. She was not being idle but getting her priorities right. We have quite a few results and statistics in this letter and we mention some of our frustrations and needs, “but few things are needed, or indeed only one” our own closeness to Christ and bringing others to know His presence too. This needs to be always our primary motivation and goal in ministry.

This famous verse is so full of wonderful mystery and truth. We often read it at Christmas time or in a carol service but that Word turned the world upside down 2000 years ago and He is still active today. Praise Him!

Here in Nazareth we praise the Lord for having completed 14 courses which are currently about to finish being printed in the N.Ireland . We are planning to have them all sent in 2 shipments to Egypt and Lebanon (from there they are shipped on to Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and to us). Some of these courses are reprints and others are newly translated. We are getting some help with the proof reading from our centres in neighbouring countries.

Another reason to praise the Lord for having the Hebrew/English prophecy NT in our store now and we are able to distribute them all over the country.

We can praise the Lord that there has at last been a final verdict on our compensation claim and it has been granted in our favour. However, we face difficulty in extracting this amount and so we need to employ a debt collector to procure the money from people, who are trying to avoid paying by any means. Unfortunately fraud and corruption is prevalent here. This is the Lord’s money, that was given to be used for the furtherance of the gospel, so please pray that we can obtain it or part of it without complications.

The plans for the new building have been submitted to the city council but the revision of plans, lengthy procedures and approvals are taking a lot of time. Once it is finally approved, we will start work as the Lord provides. Pray for no more frustrating delays.

The Christmas Kids club went well although we are not getting the numbers as before, Pray for more to attend the Easter club.

Pray for the possibility of starting Emmaus ministry in Ramallah in Palestine. A sister has recently moved there and is building up contacts with some local believers.

In Israel/Palestine, 308 were completed and on the website and app 461 were completed. Pray for the Word of God to speak to each person who completed a course.

We have encouraging statistics of the numbers of Arabic courses distributed and corrected from July-December 2018. All the centres together distributed 3,920 and from them 2,282 were completed.
In Jordan 846 courses were completed July-Dec 2019! Praise the Lord for that.

In Madaba, a town south west of Amman, they held a graduation ceremony for 36 students (mostly women!) who had completed a series of 12 courses. There is another graduation planned for about 30 students from the Amman area at the end of March.
Right- One of the graduates in Madaba, Jordan.
Left- Graduation ceremony in Madaba

Kid’s (mostly refugees) Christmas party in Amman.

In April, Bro.Ibr will be visiting Egypt to speak and promote Emmaus courses in two Leadership and Discipleship Training conferences for local churches in Cairo and Upper Egypt. Pray for his safety and for many to attend.
A couple – N and J, from Iraq, who came to faith in Amman, have returned back to their home in Irbil and are witnessing for Christ there now. Ibr. plans to visit them in the summer and help them to plant a church there.

In Jordan, They are still looking for a larger meeting place as the numbers attending continue to grow. Please pray for this and for the Lord to provide and to raise up more workers to help this situation.. They are also ministering in a “safe house” (a kind of prison) for women foreign domestic workers, mostly Asian, whose visas have run out. They take meetings and provide them with a good meal once a week. Some have come to faith.

Lebanon Syria and Iraq,
The work in Lebanon continues to grow especially in the church group Bible studies and one-on-one discipleship. One church has a group (from both faith backgrounds) studying Survey in Basic Christianity and through it, some have come to faith and others have been trained to use it for one-on-one discipleship. One woman from the “other background” has come to faith and despite facing persecution from her family, has completed Series 1 (12 courses) and is now studying Series 2. She is very hungry and appreciative for the Word. Our director Karim held a graduation in another church for those who had finished the first series, and that inspired the other members and so now all of them want to take part. Other church groups that have completed Series 1 are now studying Series 2. Praise the Lord!

Bro. Karim in Lebanon is in communication with B. in Syria and sending him Bibles and courses for a group study. They have completed 5 books and so he sent them 7 more to complete the series as well as children’s courses. Ibr. is helping by giving them training online in how to use the courses for discipleship.

In Iraq 25 are studying the courses in an evangelical church in Baghdad and will be sending some of the courses to N & J in Irbil. Pray for an Emmaus distribution center to open up in Syria and to share the gospel with those who have had their lives broken over the last years of war.

Focus for prayer: Brother Bas.
Brother Bas. is a young man from Yemen from the “Non-Christian” background. He deserted the army a couple of years ago and fled to Amman. There he met Han. also from Yemen who had come to faith in Christ, who shared the gospel with him. Bas. opened his heart to the Lord and has been baptised. He studied the courses intensively. and is witnessing to other refugees from Yemen. He is burdened to return to his home country even though it could mean his arrest and imprisonment, in order to bring the Good News there. He may leave within a few months.


The Lord is blessing the work of the Emmaus courses in the Middle East as a result of your prayers. Please continue to uphold the ministry before the Lord.

In His Grace.
George & Ros Khalil.
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