Books & Bibles

IMG_0015ArabicBibleDistribution of Bibles throughout the country

EMMAUS MINISTRY distributes Bibles in several languages (such as Arabic, Hebrew, English, French, Russian, Amharic, and more) throughout the country to individuals, churches, and to outreach ministries. Bibles are imported from England, USA, Finland and elsewhere.

Each year we import 2- 4 containers and other smaller quantities in big pallets are distributed around the country. Most of the English and French Bibles are sent free to individuals in Africa while some others are distributed or sold in Israel.

We cooperate with the Sivanto family in importing and distribution of the bibles, as the right hand for their ministry.

We distribute such literature (books and tracts) in outreach campaigns, churches and conferences.

We also import christian books from Egypt and Jordan for the same purpose, and distribute them in the same methods.