December 2018 News from Emmaus Nazareth

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Dear Friends of Emmaus

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1

This famous verse is so full of wonderful mystery and truth. We often read it at Christmas time or in a carol service but that Word turned the world upside down 2000 years ago and He is still active today. Praise Him!

The huge demand for more courses all over the Middle East means more work for us, preparing courses for reprint.We count it as a blessing to be a part of it. The shipments from the press in Northern Ireland have arrived in Lebanon without problems but in Egypt customs clearance is much more complicated and after providing multiple papers and documents, we are hoping that they will be cleared in a few days. Six more books have already been sent to the press and we are preparing a further four for reprint. There are always more courses that we want to translate but we are busy meeting the most urgent need for the basic courses. We are very low in our supply of Bibles in Hebrew, French and Spanish. The Lord is providing with the help of a sister organisation based in Finland and individual donations.

Praise the Lord for the many studying the courses on the website and app. Some are asking for hard copies as well. Hanna wrote “Thank you so much for this great teaching. I really want to study more with you”. Check out the app. It is available in English too.

Kids Club: We had hoped to carry on the Kids Club on a weekly basis but it didn’t work out. Extra curriculum activities sadly seem to take priority for children during school semester. However, our Christmas 2 day club is always popular and so we are going ahead with that on Dec. 27 & 28th. Pray that many kids would come and that we would not lose contact with the many kids and young helpers who used to attend.

The new bulding: We hope to start on renovations in the new year. Since the ground floor is owned by another party, we need their agreement and participation in the costs for the entrance and parking area. These “negotiations” are taking time. Please pray for us to come to a satisfactory agreement.

In October two of our staff, Shawel and Yasmeen, went for a training course held in Amman, on making audio and video recordings. An expert from the US and a brother from Lebanon were instructors, and it was organized by Arabic Bible Ministries. We are planning to include an audio/video recording room in the new premises in order to record the courses, teaching and testimonies on the website. They said it was extremely profitable and they have already started making some simple recordings on the basic equipment given to them.

In September and October George and Ros teamed up with Ib. and his wife in the US. Midwest to share about the Emmaus ministry and the great things the Lord is doing in the Middle East in the midst of the evil that taking place in some of the countries there. We thank the Lord for a safe trip and encouraging fellowship with the believers there.
We thank Him also that no one was injured, when our van was involved in an accident, which resulted it in being written off. We were able to purchase a new van with the end-of-year discount by adding to the good amount that the insurance paid. Praise Him for His provision!

The Lord has also provided for us to publish 5000 copies of Unto Us a Child is Born – the Christmas story book for children to distribute in Palestine and Jordan.

Ros and I have just returned from a very encouraging visit to Jordan. We attended a baptism of five new believers – three from Iraq and two from Egypt. Two more were ready and wanting to be baptised but were unable due to family pressure. Please pray for them. In January the Emmaus team is planning another graduation ceremony for students who have completed a series of 12 courses in January.

The main meeting in the assembly was so packed that there are people standing in the entrance and corridors, an overflow room and even sitting in rows in the kitchen! At the same time a children’s and youth meeting was being held in the other two rooms. The group Bible studies have to be held in two repeat sessions. A larger meeting place is URGENTLY needed – Please pray.

One of the Iraqi couples who came to faith there last year (the wife finished 36 courses!) has returned to Northern Iraq and they are witnessing for Christ and using the courses there. We also visited the newly planted assembly downtown and were encouraged to see how the group is growing and hungry for the Word. Pray for the safety of the leaders and the new believers from the “other faith”.

Some prayer requests: Pray for the shipment of courses to be released from the port very soon. Pray for director Hany, to find more people and churches interested to study the courses. Pray for a larger storage facility to accommodate the new shipment with all the other books as well, and for them to be distributed around the country. Pray for the ZAM representative, Ayman, who has undergone heart surgery after suffering a heart attack recently.

Great news from Karim. A couple of months ago he made a trip to visit Kurds in northern Turkey. He gave an intensive course using Survey in Basic Christianity. Two have come to faith in Christ and are being followed up by a co-worker. He plans to make a longer trip in January to the believers in Syria, who want to start up an Emmaus centre, to train them in how to use the courses. He will also visit the new centre in Baghdad and bring them some more books. He is personally discipling five new believers, three of whom will soon be baptised. The courses are being used in a small group for women from the “other faith” in Beirut. Pray for their salvation.

This Christmas and New Year, may the Word, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, touch and bless your life and the lives of many in this broken world. May 2019 be the year where our hearts are lit, eyes are opened and lives are changed.
George & Ros Khalil
and all the M.E Co-workers
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