If you like to donate for one of the projects below, please go to donate online and you will find the link for donating online. We appreciate your gift very much, and it helps to reach others with the Word of God. We will ensure that your gift is used according to your indicatation.

“10 new books Emmaus Bible Courses:

Thes Bible Courses will be used in Egypt and Jordan at present.

Children’s Day club:

Every two months a children’s club day is organised, and at Christmas, Easter 2 days and Summer for 5 days. We teach them Bible stories, memory verses and Christian songs and do some activities and handcraft. Most of the children are from non-believing backgrounds.


Our current needs are for puppets and puppet theatre. If you wish to donate used puppets in good condition, please contact us at

Youth work:

One of the leaders organises some games and gives a Bible study. We like to make a trip or outside activity about every 3 months

Staff Emmaus Bible School:
Emmaus Bible School has three paid staff members.

Shawel is employed full time. He works on the correspondence, the website and the youth meetings.

Nuha works part time on other secretarial work and together with Shawel are responsible for the Children’s.

Michel is working in website and Bible study development

Christian Youth Centre:
The Emmaus Bible School plans to have a new Christian Youth Centre. The aim of this centre is to provide activities for youth and all sections of the local cummunity and to create an atmosphere were they will be open to hear and respond to the Gospel.

The centre will have a bookshop, library, seminar and classrooms, multi purpose hall for Christian events and recreation and a cafeteria. The offices of Emmaus and storage space will also be included.