There are different opportunities for helping us at Emmaus in Nazareth. We welcome short-term Outreach teams and longer term (minimum 3 months) invividuals or couples.

Outreach team (14-21 days)

Minimum age: 18
Relation: Couples or singles, but singles should be in same-sex pairs (2 girls/2boys)
Accommodation in assembly flat up to 8 people. The appartment includes 2 bedrooms, a kitchen (fridge/freezer, cooking facilities, microwave) and a bathroom (washing machine)
Work: literature distribution, youth meetings, children’s camps,visitation of contacts and friendship, creative evangelism such as sport, music, drama etc. English teaching

Longer term worker (minimum of 3 months)

Minimum age:18
Work: literature distribution, youth meetings, children’s camps, visitation of contacts and friendship, creative evangelism such as sport, music, drama etc. English teaching

We require the following information from prospective individual longer term worker:

  1. Your reasons and motivation to serve with us
  2. Your CV and details of any short or long term missions experience. Also details of other skills such as music, sports, foreign languages, driving, practical etc
  3. Church background and details of where you fellowship at present. The names of one or two elders and contact info.
  4. Brief testimony of how you came to faith
  5. Recommendation letter from church leader/elder
  6. Valid passport for at least 6 months ahead.

Preparation materials: – it would be helpful to read “Secrets of the Koran” by Don Richardson, “Light Force” be Brother Andrew and any informative books on Catholicism.

General information

Estimated costs as follows: for each person (not including flight tickets

Outreach teams and Short term volunteers (under 3 months) can use the assembly apartment and a donation towards the utilities is expected.
Longer term volunteers who wish to stay more than 3 months, must rent a room or small appartment in the town (we can give you an estimate of rental costs when we know your requirements).
Food and transportation etc. approx $350.00 per month (depending on lifestyle).
Transportation for outreach team: from airport and back, and in land trips about $100.00 per person for whole period of outreach.
This estimate has been made from past experience of teams. A possibility of increase of 10-20% in case of devaluation of foreign currency.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
Contact us at info@emmausnazareth.net

We look forward to hearing from you

In Christ

George Khalil